Banana sold for hundreds of dollars
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You can’t put a price on art, that’s for sure. But sometimes, artists create art that is just mind-blowing. They have a deeper meaning in it and it attracts those who love, art and understand the message that an artist is trying to convey.

But this is about a banana with a duct tape, which got sold for $120,000.

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The talk of the town in Miami right now is Maurizio Cattelan’s “Comedian,” a banana 🍌 duct taped to the wall. Two have already sold for $120,000 at Perrotin 😉 read more, including about the banana my husband, @nnddmmyy, hung on his dorm wall for two years, on Artnet News, link in bio @artnet @galerieperrotin @mauriziocattelan @artbasel #art #conceptualart #banana #sculpture #artbasel #artbaselmiamibeach #artbaselmiami #artfair #artgallery #artwork #whatisart #isthisart #miami #miamibeach #florida #miamiflorida #mauriziocattelan #perrotin #galerieperrotin #artist #bananapeel #ducttape #artnetnews #artcollector #vippreview #artjournalism #artjournalist #openingday #artgallery #gallery #artworld

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The art gallery in which it was being presented to the audience has reportedly sold 3 or 4 duct tape bananas in an exhibition. Maurizio Cattelan, an Italian artist who just came back to the world of art after 15 years, is behind the duct tape banana art. The art gallery owner has to say something about the art,

“Bananas are a symbol of global trade, a double entendre, as well as a classic device for humor,”

The art is named “Comedian.” The gallery and the artist have made it clear to the buyers that they own no responsibility to the decomposition of the ‘banana art’ that they bought. The banana is said to be bought from a grocery store in Miami and a duct tape was used to hold it together.

Here is the artist who’s banana art was sold for this much money:

Maurizio Cattelan
Photo of Maurizio Cattelan / via


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