96 years old man graduates in Italy

96-years-old Italian man survives WWII, a pandemic, and graduates

“I said, ‘that's it, now or never,’ and so in 2017, I decided to enroll,” he said.
A photo of a furious black dog with teeth out

A Dog Dies After Man Bites Back

Dog died after a man bit back the dog. Have you ever heard that humans are toxic? Well, a poisonous man in the Volta Region of Ghana bites...
Narendra Modi falls down

Indian PM Modi misses a step, falls [Video]

A video of the Indian Prime Minister Modi went viral yesterday when he fell from the stairs of Atal Ghat in Kanpur. PM Modi was on his visit...

Prince William and Kate Middleton on a 5-day visit to Pakistan

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge visit Pakistan to boost ties
a girl smelling fart

Magical Pills That Make Farts Smell Like Roses and Chocolate

A man invented pills that can make farts smell like flowers and chocolate. The 65-year-old Christian Poincheval who lives in the French village of Gesvres is responsible...

Hero Toddler Miraculously Saved His Twin Brother In A Video

Everyone knows that Superheroes are not 'REAL' like we see in the movies but some people can do miraculous things in the real world. Some...
space mannequin challenge

Mannequin Challenge Completed On the International Space Station

Astronauts Completed Mannequin Challenge in Space
Rahat Fateh Ali Khan

Oxford University awarded Rahat Fateh Ali Khan for contribution to Music

Rahat Fateh Ali Khan received lifetime achievement award at Oxford University
A weather forecast in pokemon go

News Anchor Playing Pokemon Go Interrupts Live Weather Forecast

Pokemon Go has been making waves around the globe after it's release on the App Store and Google Play Store. Everyone seems to be under some kind...
pokemon go ball

How To Hatch Pokemon Eggs Faster in Pokemon Go Game

Pokemon Go Players are using strange hacks for this game

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