A photo of a furious black dog with teeth out
Photo by Nick Bolton on Unsplash

Dog died after a man bit back the dog.

Have you ever heard that humans are toxic? Well, a poisonous man in the Volta Region of Ghana bites back a dog, and the dog dies within a few minutes. The shocking incident happened in Ghana when a stray dog bit a 45-year-old man. An average person would run or try to get the dog off, but this man ended up killing the dog with no hands but his teeth.

Justice Aflakpui, who is known by the nickname Efo was enjoying at home when a stray dog came to his house out of nowhere and decided to bite. The incident happened on Saturday afternoon.

“He was in pain after the dog bite. Out of anger, he chased the dog that had quickly run to a nearby bush to take revenge. Fortunately for him, he got hold of it, strangled it, and bit it back.” Justice’s brother spoke to UTV.

His brother also narrated that the dog started crying in pain after Efo bites back, and when he saw him, the dog had foam coming out of his mouth.

“I heard the dog bark and cry like it was in real pain, and within a few minutes, it stopped. I went there to check what had happened only find out the dog had died – with foam coming out from its mouth,” said Efo’s brother.

Source: Pulse Ghana


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